Our Professional Services

We take care of your Columbus rental, so you can relax.

We track down the rent each month, paying you directly in your bank account

We take care of both routine maintenance tasks as well as urgent emergency repairs

We aggressively market your rental on top rental listing websites in the City

It's important to keep tabs on your tenants and what condition the property is in

Sorting out the bad potential tenants from the good ones is something we do really well

If necessary, it's important to know the legal rights and laws that must be followed

What Clients Are Saying About Us

Access More Property Management - Antonio D'Alberto
Access More Property Management - Antonio D'Alberto

Keeping Things Personal, Like They Should Be

Locally Owned and Operated

We know that people don't like to work with a massive company whose ownership is out-of-touch and out-of-mind. We pride ourselves in being different than the typical big-box franchise property managers who are popping up everywhere. Antonio D'Alberto is both the owner and manager of operations. He is involved in all aspects, and is fully invested in your satisfaction.

Always Just One Call/Email Away

When you work with Access More, you will have the direct contact information for your property manager. This ensures that you will always be in the loop about your rental, and if you do happen to have a question, you can always give us a ring or drop us a line and expect a prompt response to your needs.

Online Account For Property Owners

Sometimes you just need some information or documents regarding your rental. To make things simpler, we have invested in technology that allows you have an online property owner account. From this account you can access contracts, financial records, and other available documents.

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